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Apple Says They’re Still Investigating Zero-Day Exploits Publicized By Researcher

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Microsoft Edge Multiple Vulnerabilities

microsoft edge multiple,identified in microsoft,remote code execution,sensitive information disclosure,targeted system,attacker could exploit,edge multiple vulnerabilities
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The EU ask Russia to knock it off, and specifically to stop with the GhostWriter. Zoombombing in Cambodia. Conti is back; Colossus is a new entrant i…

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Serious Flaw in Azure Container Instances | #microsoft | #hacking | #cybersecurity

azure container instances,palo alto networks,microsoft,container escape technique,azurescape vulnerability,azure virtual networks,instances #microsoft #hacking,cloud security incident,flaw in azure,aci,instances mihir bagwe,container instances #microsoft
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Security Bulletin: PostgreSQL Vulnerability Affects IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows (CVE-2021-32029)

microsoft windows,security bulletin,postgresql vulnerability affects,affects ibm sterling,ibm sterling connect:direct,connect:direct for microsoft,apache http server,pm edt medium,medium severity apache,edt medium severity,8:00 pm edt,severity websphere application,2021 8:00 pm,vulnerability affects ibm
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Update now – Emergency Google Chrome patch fixes serious zero-day flaw

emergency google chrome,chrome patch fixes,good computer maintenance,zero-day flaw,update now emergency,google chrome patch,browser,google's case,fixes serious zero-day,click,version,maintenance is making,forget
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As Google sets burial date for legacy Chrome Extensions, fears for ad-blockers grow

legacy chrome extensions,google sets burial,microsoft exchange clients,date for legacy,ad-blockers grow,sets burial date,data,including microsoft outlook,fears for ad-blockers,unprotected user credentials,microsoft security response,supplying unprotected user,kubernetes,microsoft's advice continues,marco van beek
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Story of the creds-leaking Exchange Autodiscover flaw – the one Microsoft wouldn't fix even after 5 years

exchange autodiscover flaw,microsoft exchange clients,microsoft wouldn't fix,van beek,microsoft autodiscover protocol,including microsoft outlook,creds-leaking exchange autodiscover,5 years,email,story,microsoft security response,active directory
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Most actively traded companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange

toronto stock exchange,actively traded companies,cents,million shares,active companies traded,stock exchange 20,463.42,ritchie bros,cibc,60.76 points,aurora,tc energy corp,cannabis,smartequip
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NA - CVE-2021-41098 - Nokogiri is a Rubygem providing HTML, XML, SAX,...

rubygem providing html,xml,xpath and css,css selector support,parsers with xpath,na cve-2021-41098 nokogiri,reader parsers,jruby,v1.12.4 and earlier,users,nokogiri v1.12.4,alias,sax parser resolves
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NA - CVE-2021-20035 - Improper neutralization of special elements in...

special elements,remote authenticated attacker,inject arbitrary commands,user which potentially,leads to dos
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Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF)

cross-site request forgery,vim-like browser based,vulnerable to cross-site,keyboard-driven,package are vulnerable,affected versions,access urls,request forgery csrf,based on pyqt5
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Apple responds to security researcher who found multiple iOS 15 zero-day flaws [U]

security researcher,found multiple ios,responds to security,researcher who found,multiple ios 15,aka denis tokarev,program,ios 15 zero-day,motherboard,infosec community,apple responds,cybersecurity,15 zero-day flaws
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CISA: Wide Exploitation of New VMware vCenter Server Flaw Likely

vmware,cisa,flaw,organizations,wide exploitation,threat actors,vmware's vcenter server,file upload vulnerability,security,arbitrary file upload,patch,critical,workaround
4 óra 46 perc

WordPress Revslider Exploit Grab Config

exploit grab config,wordpress revslider exploit,deus lorenzo,revslider exploit grab,print,kali linux,exploit title,config # author,xale turkish defacer,apt-get install figlet,27.09.2021 # greetz,qualwin & deus,coded with python
4 óra 46 perc

Zircon Web Desig - Sql Injection Vulnerability

zircon web desig,sql injection vulnerability,website design,hosted by zircon,web desig sql,desig sql injection,behrouz mansoori,search google dork,#exploit title,zircon web design,firefox proof,injection vulnerability #date,author,demo
4 óra 46 perc

Cyberfox Web Brwoser 52.9.1 Denial Of Service

denial of service,cyberfox web brwoser,exploit author,web brwoser 52.9.1,vendor homepage,mozilla-based internet browser,aryan chehreghani,brwoser 52.9.1 denial,software link,cyberfox web browser,exploit title,web browser 52.9.1,bytes dos payload,browser 52.9.1 denial-of-service,higher memory performance
4 óra 46 perc

XAMPP 7.4.3 Local Privilege Escalation

local privilege escalation,exploit author,vendor homepage,xampp 7.4.3 local,7.4.3 local privilege,exploit title,escalation # exploit,salman asad @deathflash1411,get-content,original author,insert your payload,maximilian barz @s1lkys
4 óra 46 perc

Backdoor.Win32.Agent.aer / Insecure Transit Password Disclosure

insecure transit password,password disclosure description,transit password disclosure,plaintext password passed,backdoor.win32.agent.aer / insecure,discovery / credits,browser cache browser,malvuln,browser developer tools,url query string,shared systems type,2021 original source,malware,header web logs
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CVE-2020-17148: Critical remote execution vulnerability in Visual Studio Code’s Remote Development extension

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